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Plagiarism, Fabrication and Falsification
Plagiarism and fabrication

Plagiarism, or copying from other published articles, whether from other authors or the same authors as the present manuscript, is considered a serious offense in English language journals. Plagiarism includes appropriating the ideas, study design, methodology, results, or conclusions of other sources without acknowledgment or radical change. Plagiarism is also word-for-word copying of the text of an article; in general, more than 7 consecutive words is considered evidence of plagiarism, even if the copied text is accurately cited.


Fabrication is defined as faking raw data, figures, or any supporting files.


Xia & He Publishing retains the right to reject any submission or retract published papers if any misconduct such as plagiarism or fabrication is discovered.


Xia & He Publishing is a member of Crossref. All submitted papers will be screened with Crossref Similarity Check ( before sending for peer review.