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Special Features
Call for Papers for Special Issue ‘Complexity of Human Cancer and Its Multi-Scale Causality’
June 6, 2019
The need to find a new way of classifying tumoral entities, and objectively quantifying their morphological and functional changes, prompted us to investigate the theory of “complex systems”, and to apply their concepts to human cancer.
Call for Papers for Special Issue ‘Anesthetic Techniques’
June 3, 2019
Regional anesthesia techniques include central neuraxial blocks (spinal, epidural, or caudal anesthesia). For some surgical procedures, regional anesthesia has important advantages over general anesthesia. Besides providing excellent pain control during surgery, regional techniques are associated with fewer side effects, less blood loss, better cardiac and pulmonary function, and shortened stay in the post-anesthesia care unit.
Publish with ERHM in the Young Scientists Section for Senior Undergraduates to Win a Scholarship
December 10, 2018
To motivate potential young scientists to embark on an exciting journey towards scientific research, and identify talented young researchers and recognize their work, ERHM will launch a young scientist scholarship program from 2019 and set a special section (called ‘Young Scientists Section’) to accommodate outstanding publications from senior undergraduate young scientist.
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