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Review Article

Clinical Benefits of Switching from Original Infliximab to its Biosimilar (CT-P13) as a Potential TNF-α Inhibitor

Archana Kumari, Deo Nandan Prasad, Sahil Kumar, Rajesh K. Singh

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] 9-17 Doi: 10.14218/JERP.2020.00004

Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Replication by Acidizing and RNA Lyase-Modified Carbon Nanotubes Combined with Photodynamic Thermal Effect

Jianshe Yang

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] 18-23 Doi: 10.14218/JERP.2020.00005

Case Report

A Male Case of Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Recurrent Deep Venous Thrombosis

Mohammed Elmujtba Adam Essa, Ziryab Imad Taha, Shaima N. Elgenaid, Sadia Kamal Albadawi Mohamed, Asaad Tageldein Idris Abdelhalim, Latifa M. Elsheikh, Shahd H. Elwidaa, Mustafa Mohamed Ali Hussein, Mutwaly Defealla Yousif Haron, Ayman Sati Sati Mohamed, Ali Mohamed Ahmed Adlan, Abdelkareem A. Ahmed

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] 24-28 Doi: 10.14218/JERP.2020.00010