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Accepted articles
The online first articles are peer reviewed, accepted, and are ready for publication, with copyediting, typesetting, proofreading and author review. They have not been assigned to a journal issue; an article will be removed from this page once it is published in a coming issue.

Articles published online first are citable. To cite an article on this page, please refer to the following example:

Yi SG, Sadhu AR, Jones SL, Turner K, Monsour H, Donahue K, et al. The Effect of Adrenal Replacement Therapy on Rates of Fungal Colonization and Mortality in Critically Ill Patients Awaiting Liver Transplantation. J Clin Transl Hepatol. Accepted: Sep 15, 2013. doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2013.00007.

Review Article

Autoimmune Hepatitis in the Asia-Pacific Area

Qi-Xia Wang, Li Yan, Xiong Ma

Published online: December 7, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00032

Chylous Ascites: A Review of Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment

Richa Bhardwaj, Haleh Vaziri, Arun Gautam, Enrique Ballesteros, David Karimeddini, George Y. Wu

Published online: December 4, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00035

Update on Liver Failure Following Hepatic Resection: Strategies for Prediction and Avoidance of Post-operative Liver Insufficiency

Amir A. Rahnemai-Azar, Jordan M. Cloyd, Sharon M. Weber, Mary Dillhoff, Carl Schmidt, Emily R. Winslow, Timothy M. Pawlik

Published online: November 30, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00060

Activation of Anti-tumor Immune Response by Ablation of HCC with Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field

Xiaobo Xu, Yiling Chen, Ruiqing Zhang, Xudong Miao, Xinhua Chen

Published online: October 27, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00042

Hepatitis E: Still Waters Run Deep

Moritz von Wulffen, Dirk Westhölter, Marc Lütgehetmann, Sven Pischke

Published online: September 21, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00030

Original Article

EUS-guided Gall Bladder Drainage in Severe Liver Disease: A Single-center Experience in Critically Ill Cirrhotics

Kapil Dev Jamwal, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Rakhi Maiwall, Barjesh Kumar Sharma, Shiv Kumar Sarin

Published online: October 24, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00018

Upgrade Combination Response Is Limited by Prolonged Nucelos(t)ide Analogue Therapy in HBeAg-positive Chronic Hepatitis B: A Real-life Study

Qiaohe Wang, Hu Li, Daohai Ding, Mingli Peng, Hong Ren, Peng Hu

Published online: September 30, 2017

[ Html ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ Citations ] Doi: 10.14218/JCTH.2017.00020