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Time: March 1, 2022


About Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine (ERHM)


ERHM (eISSN 2472-0712), launched in 2016, publishes original exploratory research articles and state-of-the-art reviews that focus on novel findings and the most recent advances that support new hypotheses in medicine. Please visit our website for more information.


Who are we looking for?

A suitable editorial board member is someone who:

1. Has published at least 15 original articles in medicine, as either the first author or corresponding author.

2. Supports ERHM's scope and direction by fulfilling the duties of a member of the editorial board.

3. The major duties of an editorial board member includes: contributing/soliciting manuscripts, reviewing manuscripts, handling manuscripts, organizing and co-editing special issues as guest editor, providing hot topics and assisting in recruiting manuscripts with the hot topics, representing and publicizing ERHM among the scientific community, and promoting ERHM whenever possible, such as at conferences or during lectures.


Why join our editorial board?

Upon joining ERHM's editorial board:

1. You will be part of a network of international editorial board members. ERHM will publish your name and information on its website.

2. Your name will be associated with ERHM and its growing academic influence.

3. You will enjoy benefits provided to the editorial members by the journal, such as a certificate of membership, a possible award for outstanding editorial board member, and priority to publish your manuscripts in all journals published by Xia & He Publishing Inc.

4. ERHM could assist editorial board members to organize and publish a special issue for their own use (e.g. a collection of published articles), with a certain discount of APC provided.

5. You have the right to recommend any suitable manuscripts for publication in ERHM, which will be prioritized for publication upon acceptance after peer review, and be provided with a certain discount of APC.

6. You could participate in any academic activities and conferences organized by Xia & He Publishing Inc. with free of charge.


If you are interested in joining ERHM's editorial board, please send your application with a full academic CV to [email protected].

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