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Instruction for Editorial Board Members
For Editorial Board Members

Your responsibilities as an Editorial Board Member

Handling manuscripts

You conduct manuscript triage, assessing novelty, study design, reproducibility, relevance, thoroughness, and readability to recommend whether it should proceed to peer review or be rejected promptly, within 3 days of request.

For a manuscript that has passed triage screening, you invite external peer reviewers with expertise in the topic/specialty. Following receipt of at least 2 valid review comments, you make a reasoned recommendation for acceptance, minor or major revision, or rejection and provide it to the Editor-in-Chief who makes the final decision, with a statement justification for the recommendation. The above process is expected to conclude within 4 weeks upon acceptance of the assignment.

Reviewing manuscripts

When you are invited to review a manuscript, please provide constructive and encouraging but rigorous comments on the quality of research and the English language. Usually, a turnaround time of 14 days is assigned for completion of the evaluation after a peer reviewer has accepted a manuscript. A short grace period may be allowed in extenuating circumstances.

Submitting and soliciting high-quality manuscripts

You consistently solicit high-quality manuscripts for the journal from your colleagues and peers. You are also strongly encouraged to submit your own research for publication.

Promoting the journal

You promote the journal among the scientific community, and any opportunities, such as at conferences you attend or during lectures you deliver.

Recommend candidates

You are encouraged to recommend suitable candidates to join the editorial board.

Please notify the Managing Editor of any changes to your email address, affiliation, research interests, etc.

Your privileges as an Editorial Board Member

  • As an Editorial Board Member, you can contribute to enhance the value and dissemination of scientifically sound and reproducible research, by actively participating in the handling of manuscripts and peer review.
  • Serving as an Editorial Board Member provides valuable insight into editorial decision-making and peer review, aiding in optimizing your own research papers for publication success.
  • You gain early access to cutting-edge research and enhance your scientific understanding by evaluating reviewers’ reports and engaging with peer expertise.
  • You will be part of a network of the internationalized editorial board, and will have opportunities to attend regular editorial board meetings to meet and communicate with the editors and board members.
  • You contribute to the development of the journal and in turn your name becomes associated with the journal and its growing academic influence.
  • You will be presented with a certificate of the membership.
  • Your submissions will be provided with a certain discount of APC upon acceptance.
  • You can collaborate with the editorial staff to organize and publish a special issue in the journal.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in academic activities and conferences organized by Xia & He Publishing Inc. free of charge (domestically).

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