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Jobs and Careers

XIA & HE PUBLISHING INC. is seeking reviewers for its journals. Reviewers will be experts in the fields of hepatology, medicine, or pharmacology, with an unwavering ethic to uphold the integrity of scientific research and communication. Reviewers will participate in the peer review process, as directed by the journal’s editor, and will adhere to the journal’s guidelines for peer review, including the commitment to provide comprehensive, constructive, confidential and punctual reviews.
If you are interested in it, please send your application with a full academic CV to [email protected].

Editorial Board Members

XIA & HE PUBLISHING INC. is seeking editorial board members for its journals. Editorial board members will be experts in the fields of hepatology, medicine, or pharmacology, with rich scientific publication experience and able to support the journal’s scope and direction by fulfilling the editorial duties. The major duties of an editorial board member include: contributing/soliciting manuscripts, reviewing manuscripts, handling manuscripts, organizing and co-editing special issues as guest editor, providing hot topics and assisting in recruiting manuscripts with the hot topics, representing and publicizing the journal among the scientific community, and promoting the journal whenever possible, such as at conferences or during lectures. For details, please visit:

Call for Editorial Board Members - Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology

Call for Editorial Board Members - Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine

Call for Editorial Board Members - Journal of Exploratory Research in Pharmacology

Market planning staff

a) Design materials for the company’s promotion, online and offline;
b) Make plans for the promotion of journals published by the company;
c) Update the company’s and journal’s websites.

a) Bachelor’s degree in Media Planning/Internet Media Design, preferably with a biomedical background;
b) Two years’ experience in market planning;
c) Familiar with Photoshop;
d) Good command of English in reading and writing.

Please send your most recent curriculum vitae to [email protected] for the position you are interested in.