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Journal of Medicinal Food期刊编委——Dr. Zili Zhai接受《医学研究与发表》采访

Medical Research & Publication   2018;4(3):101-104

doi: 10.14218/MRP.2018.047

Self-introduction 【嘉宾自我介绍】

I have served the Journal of Medicinal Food for many years. I was first chosen as a reviewer due to my expertise in the understanding of functional foods and dietary supplements, especially their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which may be beneficial for preventing and treating chronic inflammatory diseases. I was invited in 2009 to serve as a member of its editorial board. The success of the Journal counts on the great efforts of editorial board members and expert reviewers, who help maintain the integrity, standards, and forward-looking focus of the Journal. It’s my honor to have the invaluable opportunity of being a part of its reviewers and editorial board. 【我已在杂志Journal of Medicinal Food任职很多年了。起初,我被选为审稿人是由于我在功能性食品和膳食补充剂等方面的专业知识,特别是它们的抗氧化和抗炎作用,这可能有益于预防和治疗慢性炎症性疾病。我在2009年被邀请担任其编辑委员会成员。该杂志的成功归功于编委会成员和专家评审团的巨大努力,他们共同协助维护期刊的完整性,标准和前瞻性。我很荣幸有机会成为审稿人和编委会的一员。】

Brief journal description【期刊概况】

The Journal of Medicinal Food is an international, peer-reviewed journal, which publishes the latest scientific research in the field of medicinal foods. Medicinal foods are defined as those foods and food ingredients that provide a health benefit beyond the traditional nutrients they contain. These health benefits include first and foremost prevention and treatment of diseases. This Journal is published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., which is renowned as one of the world’s premier academic publishers. The Journal is currently indexed in over 20 different databases, including Medline and Science Citation Index®, with the latest journal impact factor of 1.955 (2016 JCR). The journal has a rapid, but rigorous peer-review process in which a manuscript’s scientific originality and practical significance will be seriously evaluated prior to acceptance for publication. Today, the Journal is globally available in more than 170 countries and authors of each accepted manuscript are offered an option to publish open access to maximize readership and impact of their research work.【Journal of Medicinal Food作为国际同行评审期刊,致力于发表药用食品领域的最新科学研究成果。药用食品被定义为提供超出其所含传统营养素的健康益处的食品和食品成分。这些健康益处首先包括疾病的预防和治疗。该期刊由Mary Ann Liebert,Inc.出版,该公司是全球首屈一指的学术出版商之一。该期刊目前在20多个不同的数据库中被索引,包括Medline和Science Citation Index®,最新期刊影响因子为1.954(2017JCR)。该期刊的同行评审过程快速但严格,在接受出版之前,将对稿件的科学原创性和实际意义进行认真评估。目前,该期刊面向全球170多个国家和地区,每篇被接受文稿的作者都可以选择开放获取的形式发表,以使读者群和研究工作的影响力最大化。】


What advice do you have for young medical scientists on research ethics and academic norms?【关于科研伦理和学术规范,您对年轻医学科研工作者们有什么建议?】


Journal of Medicinal Food only publishes high quality manuscripts, within any publication-oriented conduct, e.g., proposal writing, bench work, clinical experimentation, paper drafting, and submission, must adhere to the highest standards of scientific integrity. I am convinced that each young biomedical scientist on his/her first day of entering into the academic research field should be guided to comprehend the concept of national/institutional research ethics and their importance. Integrity forms the cornerstone of each step in academic work. Unfortunately, we have recently heard of too much academic dishonesty among Chinese scholars, such as plagiarism, duplicate publication, data fabrication, and cheating in peer-review. Keep in mind that any academic misconduct cannot be justified and must be prohibited; otherwise, it can generate serious consequences. For example, academic life can be directly terminated as the result of violation of academic integrity. Each of us should learn from these painful lessons so that the frequency of various kinds of academic scandals can be largely reduced. On the other hand, for those studies with experiments on human subjects and laboratory animals, authors must follow the procedures in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible institutional committees. 【Journal of Medicinal Food仅发表高质量的文稿,在任何以发表为导向的行为中,例如,提纲撰写,实验室工作,临床实验,论文起草和投稿,都必须遵守最高的科学诚信标准。我相信,每个年轻的生物医学科学家在进入学术研究领域的第一天都应该被引导去理解国家/机构科研伦理的概念及其重要性。诚信是学术工作每一步的基石。不幸的是,我们最近听说中国学者有太多学术上的不诚实行为,比如剽窃,重复出版,数据造假以及同行评审中的作弊行为。请记住,任何学术不端行为都是不合理的,必须予以禁止;否则,会产生严重后果。例如,学术生涯会因违反学术诚信而直接终止。我们每个人都应该从这些痛苦的教训中学习,以便大大减少各种学术丑闻的频率。另一方面,对于那些对人类受试者和实验室动物进行实验的研究,作者必须按照负责机构委员会的道德标准来遵循程序。】


What kind of manuscripts does your journal prefer? Do you think what advantages your journal has compared with other journals in this field? 【贵刊更倾向于什么类型的文稿?您认为贵刊与该领域的其他期刊相比有哪些优势?】


The Journal of Medicinal Food has a well-designed publication focus on the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge of food products that possess medicinal activity. As stated on the Journal website, the Journal is the ONLY peer-review academic journal addressing exclusively the medicinal values and biological effects of food materials. Therefore, this is a very special journal that creates a platform for publishing original papers and reviews associated with functional foods, dietary supplements, phytonutrients, and their toxicological and pharmacological assays. The Journal’s audiences include academics, herbalist, and food professionals, among others. 【Journal of Medicinal Food作为一个精心设计的出版刊物,侧重于传播具有药用活性的食品的循证知识。正如期刊官网上所述,本刊是唯一专门针对食品原料的药用价值和生物效应的同行评审学术期刊。因此,这是一个非常特殊的期刊,它创建了一个平台,用于发表与功能性食品,膳食补充剂,植物营养素及其毒理学和药理学分析相关的原始论文和综述。期刊的受众包括学者,草药师和食品专业人士等。】


Known as one of the leaders in medical research, can you share your extensive knowledge on how to prepare and revise manuscripts? 【作为医学研究领域的领军人物之一,您能否分享您在关于如何准备和修改文稿方面的知识?】


To begin with, I am not a professional writer and have no a special set of writing skills. If I had to say something, I would like to say that I do have, to a certain extent, experience and even succeed in research paper writing, manuscript editing, and reviewing journal articles in my field. I have written down my experience with scientific paper writing and my thoughts on how to prepare a scientific manuscript. If you are interested, please refer to my paper published on the Medical Research & Publication (2016, 2:115-8). My own another paper published on the same journal (2017, 3:154-58) regarding some tips for journal article formatting is also helpful in manuscript preparation. There might be many approaches available to helping achieve success in scientific writing. Since no single approach is perfect, to learn skillfully, write logically, and edit carefully are simple strategies for starting a successful scientific writing. One rule of thumb in revising manuscript when responding to journal reviewers is letting them know that you are doing your best to improve your manuscript completely based on each of their comments and suggestions. 【首先,我不是一名专业作家,也没有一套特殊的写作技巧。如果我不得不说些什么,我想说在某种程度上,我确实拥有经验,甚至在我所在研究领域的论文写作,编辑和期刊审稿等方面取得了成功。我已经写下了我在科学论文写作方面的经验以及我对如何准备科学论文的看法。如果大家有兴趣,请参阅我在《医学研究与发表》上发表的文章(2016年,2:115-8)。我自己的在同一期刊上发表的另一篇文章(2017年,3:154-58),关于期刊文章格式化的一些技巧也有助于文稿准备。可能有许多方法可用于帮助科研写作取得成功。因为没有一种方法是完美的,所以有技巧性地学习,逻辑性地写作和认真地编辑修改是开始成功科学写作的简单策略。在回复期刊审稿人时,修改文稿的一条经验法则是让他们知道您正在尽力根据他们的评论和建议完全地改进您的文稿。】


What is your advice for Chinese young researchers to improve their research and publication abilities? 【您对中国年轻研究人员关于如何提高科研和发表能力有何建议?】


This is a big topic that is worth more than a thousand words. What are scientific research abilities? It is really rather difficult to define them in measurable terms. Those successful researchers usually share common traits like creativity, skillfulness, knowledgeability, curiosity, hardworking, and productivity. In most cases, visibly academic success mirrors one’s research ability. However, for most biomedical researchers, academic success is just indicated by their publications. More publications you have, in particular high-quality ones, the stronger research ability you demonstrate. So, most biomedical researchers, if not all, are trying their best at publishing more papers to bolster their reputations of stronger research ability and higher academic achievement. OK, how does one get more highly impactful papers published? It is determined by many internal and external factors. In addition to a researcher’s own ability, effort, and opportunity, other factors like your research field, specialty, and academic environment are important determinants of academic performance. I point out here the academic environment because it sometimes can neutralize most of your efforts. For example, while a considerate and supportive supervisor is helpful to move you forward, a fussy and changeful boss will make your massive data become trash. My opinion is that a free laboratory environment in addition to your diligent thinking is necessary for your quick success in academic publication and career development. 【这是一个值得千言万语的大话题。什么是科研能力?用可衡量的术语来定义它们确实相当困难。那些成功的研究人员通常具有共同的特征,如创造力,技巧,知识,好奇心,勤奋和生产力。在大多数情况下,明显的学术成功反映了一个人的研究能力。然而,对于大多数生物医学研究人员来说,只能通过他们发表的刊物说明其在学术上的成功。你发表的文章越多,尤其是高质量的刊物,你所展示的研究能力就更强。因此,大多数生物医学研究人员(如果不是全部)都在努力发表更多论文,以支撑他们在更强大的研究能力和更高学术成就上的声誉。那么,如何发表更具影响力的论文呢?它由许多内部和外部因素决定。除了研究人员自身的能力,努力和机会外,其他因素,如您的研究领域,专业和学术环境,也是学业成绩的重要决定因素。我在这里指出了学术环境,因为它有时可以抵消你的大部分努力。例如,一个体贴和支持性的导师有助于推动你前进,而一个挑剔且多变的老板会让你的大量数据变成垃圾。我的观点是,除了勤奋的思维之外,一个自由的实验室环境对于你在科研发表和职业发展方面的快速成功是必要的。】


Do you think the language polishing is of help for publication? 【您认为语言润色对文章发表有帮助吗?】


Absolutely. Poor writing will destroy the accurate expression of your thoughts and the data you generated in several years, and consequently will block your effective communication with readers. Of course, poor writing will undoubtedly lead to rejection by any academic journal with a high reputation. If you cannot improve your writing in a short time, the best way to get your work published as early as possible is to hire an experienced paper editor to look over your paper. In this regard, MJD has many professional and expert editors who are available to help improve your writing and make you succeed in paper publication. 【绝对地。糟糕的写作会破坏你几年内想法和数据的准确表达,从而阻碍你与读者的有效沟通。当然,糟糕的写作无疑会导致被任何具有很高声誉的学术期刊拒绝。如果你无法在短时间内提高写作水平,尽早发表的最佳途径是聘请经验丰富的论文编辑来检查你的论文。在这方面,美捷登(MJD)拥有许多专业的专家编辑,他们可以帮助你提高写作水平并使你在论文发表方面取得成功。】

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Journal of Medicinal Food期刊编委——Dr. Zili Zhai接受《医学研究与发表》采访

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