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Announcing a New Journal: Future Integrative Medicine

  • Jiabo Wang1,* ,
  • Xiaohe Xiao2,
  • Ikhlas Khan3 and
  • Qingquan Liu4
 Author information
Future Integrative Medicine   2022;1(1):1-1

doi: 10.14218/FIM.2022.00000

It is our great pleasure to present the inaugural issue of Future Integrative Medicine (FIM), which was published by Xia & He Publishing Inc., TX, USA. FIM is a peer-reviewed journal concerned with a broad range of topics in integrative medicine, including but not limited to traditional, alternative, or complementary medicine. In addition to research articles, the journal also publishes literature reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, clinical trials, case reports, editorials, commentaries, opinions, research letters, study protocols, and consensus guidelines. Specifically, FIM encourages the submission of manuscripts that reflect the integrative studies of modern and traditional medicine systems. Both basic and clinical research, including randomized controlled trials, qualitative and mixed methodological studies, in vivo and in vitro experimental studies, and systematic reviews, are particularly welcome.

We are proud to announce that an editorial board of 85 highly motivated and internationally renowned experts in integrated medicine has been established, and all editorial board members have immensely contributed to the field of integrated medicine. We will continue to expand the editorial board, and build up a global cooperation with researchers in the field. The editorial team will strive to provide readers with high-quality research articles that span broad areas in medical science.

FIM is an open-access journal that allows for the timely dissemination of current innovative and high-quality research, and free, in-depth access and intellectual discourse with no further barriers. Our decision to launch an open access journal represents our response to the rapidly evolving landscape of scientific journals and publishing. We support the success of the open-access platform without ever compromising the article quality, rigorous peer review, and research integrity.

Finally, we would like to thank all individuals who have been working very hard to initiate and launch this new journal. We particularly thank Xia & He Publishing Inc. for supporting and implementing the initiative of FIM and the editorial board members for their valuable advice, guidance, support and contributions that streamlined the process of publication. We are also grateful to all reviewers worldwide who have provided timely and constructive reviews for the assigned manuscripts.

We look forward to serving our authors and readers, and facilitating the integration of medical science and the cooperation among researchers in the field of integrative medicine. In the meantime, we cordially invite researchers in this important field to submit high-quality research articles for publication in FIM. We are confident that FIM will become an internationally influential medical journal, with the strong leadership of the editorial team and great support of worldwide researchers in integrative medicine.

  • Future Integrative Medicine
  • pISSN 2993-5253
  • eISSN 2835-6357
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Announcing a New Journal: Future Integrative Medicine

Jiabo Wang, Xiaohe Xiao, Ikhlas Khan, Qingquan Liu
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