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Why Publish in Xia & He
Faster publication online

For manuscripts being considered for publication, Xia & He provides a rapid but thorough peer review process. Usually decisions are made within one month of manuscript submission. Articles accepted by Xia & He may be online in word format within 10 business days, and will be updated when the final version of the paper is ready. Fast publication ensures that your manuscript will be accessible to readers as quickly as possible.

Article download/read/citation statistics

Authors have access to the statistical data regarding the online hits on their articles and the number of times their articles are downloaded. Authors also receive notification each year of articles published in Xia & He journals that cite their work.

Figure editing

Our professional figure editing team can refine figures when necessary, without changing the intended meaning.

Language editing

We have a professional language editing team. When an article is accepted by Xia&He journals, it is copyedited by our language editing team to polish the language, to help readers better understand the article content.

Promotion on social media

Notifications of published articles are posted on the Journal’s social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expose the article to more readers.