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  • 陈华蓉
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Medical Research & Publication 2021;():-

doi: 10.14218/MRP.2021.006




1. BMC系列期刊

最近BMC将Research article类型从Editorial Manager投稿系统搬到了,其余的文稿类型目前依旧留在Editorial Manager,虽然拆分成了两个系统,但是稿约依旧沿袭以前的链接, 我们收集了一些Research article在nature.com退回的原因:

  • Corresponding uncropped full-length gels and blot should be included in the supplementary information.

    关于这条需要说明的是,但凡是文稿中有凝胶图的都需要提供原图,这个原图需要放在word里面,原图的上方需要有文稿的题目和作者姓名,最后提交的时候需要另存成PDF,上传在other模块而不能放在Supplementary materials下面,因为补充材料需要在正文有对应的引用。

  • Any manuscript involving research on animals wherein In-vivo experiments are conducted must confirm that all experiments were performed in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations. Kindly provide following requirements:

    • A statement to confirm that all methods were carried out in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations.

    • A statement confirming the study was carried out in compliance with the ARRIVE guidelines.

以前BMC涉及到动物只需要在材料方法部分标明The study was approved by Ethics Committee of XXX,现在不一样了,必须写明The study was approved by Ethics Committee of XXX,all methods were carried out in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations. This study was carried out in compliance with the ARRIVE guidelines.

2. Wiley旗下的杂志The International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology


杂志稿约要求APA格式(American Psychological Association): This journal uses APA reference style; as the journal offers Free Format submission, however, this is for information only and you do not need to format the references in your article. This will instead be taken care of by the typesetter.

但是系统强制要求Vancouver (numbered): Please ensure that your referencing style is Vancouver (numbered) as it is necessary.


希腊系统(SPANDIDOS PUBLICATIONS)代表杂志International Journal of Oncology, International Journal of Molecular Medicine, Oncology Report, Molecular Medicine Reports, Oncology Letters, Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine。对图片格式要求特别苛刻,经常会以各种原因退回,我们罗列了一些图片退回的原因,如果考虑投稿这些杂志,建议认真查看图片要求,做图的时候就规避这些问题。

For all figures

  • Please label both axes.

  • Labels must be sharp and clearly legible (including exponential numbers around figure axis) NOT blurry, fuzzy, faded or broken.

  • Please use the same font for all Figures for consistency. Either use Arial or Times New Roman.

  • The font size of the labels must be 8-10 point when figures are saved at the correct size (8 or 17 cm at 300 dpi/inch).

  • A space must be inserted before measurements: 132 bp NOT 132bp, 5 mm NOT 5mm, 1 h NOT 1h.

  • The first letter of each phrase, NOT each word, must be capitalized [e.g., 'Overall survival (months)' not 'Overall Survival (Months)' and not 'overall survival (months)].

  • micro: μ, μ (available in Times and Helvetica) NOT u.

  • liter(s): correct spelling: l NOT L.


  • 杂志社要求注明作者贡献,作者贡献里面的作者贡献描述不符合作者要求;

  • 文稿正文字数、图表个数、参考文献条数不符合要求;

  • 伦理学批件、知情同意、临床注册、伦理学批件和临床注册需要在人员招募之前;

  • 参考文献格式不符合要求;

  • Double blind 需要去掉所有的作者单位信息;

  • 页码行号的添加,以及页码行号添加的位置。


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